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NCTJ Shorthand Exams

NCTJ Shorthand Exams



Exam Date/Time

Speed (Words per min)


Payment Deadline

11.30am, Thursday 26th May 2022 60 TBC 2.00pm, Tuesday 10th May 2022
10.00am, Thursday 26th May 2022 80 TBC 2.00pm, Tuesday 10th May 2022
10.00am, Friday 10th June 2022 80 TBC 12.00pm, Friday 20th May 2022 
11.30am, Friday 10th June 2022 60 TBC 12.00pm, Friday 20th May 2022 
10.00am, Friday 24th June 2022 100 TBC 12.00pm, Friday 3rd June 2022 
11.30am, Friday 24th June 2022 60 TBC 12.00pm, Friday 3rd June 2022 
10.00am, Friday 8th July 2022 100 TBC 12.00pm, Friday 17th June 2022 
11.30am, Friday 8th July 2022 60 TBC 12.00pm, Friday 17th June 2022 

Exam Fee: £16.80 PER SPEED

Enquiries: NCTJ Programme Administrator

Terms and Conditions - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY:

On the day of the exams, students are only permitted to sit the speed(s) which they have paid for in advance via the online shop, by their respective payment deadlines (see above). The University will not accept payments after these deadlines.

Students will not be permitted to attempt any speed on the day of the exam that they have not paid for in advance.

Students are also not permitted to swap speeds on the day of the exam – i.e. if a student has only paid for 60 wpm, that is the ONLY speed they will be allowed to attempt on the day of the exam.

PLEASE PAY FOR THE SPEED(S) THAT YOU BELIEVE YOU WILL WISH TO TAKE ON THE DAY. If you are unsure of your current standard of proficiency, and of how viable it is for you to sit a particular speed, please speak to your Shorthand Tutor.

You DO NOT need to notify the journalism team of your wish to purchase the NCTJ Shorthand Exam. You simply need to pay for it via the online payment system.

You will receive a separate email three days before the exam which will confirm your final exam arrangements. If you do not receive this email please contact journalism@salford.ac.uk immediately.

Please note that no refunds are available for an exam not attempted. If there are serious mitigating circumstances that prevent a candidate attempting an exam, these would have to be supported by medical evidence in order for a fee deferral to be authorised by the NCTJ which could be used for a subsequent attempt at the missed exam.

There is a minimum number of candidates required for each exam sitting to ensure exams are viable. Your payment receipt is not a guarantee that the exam will run.  You will be issued a full refund if the university must cancel the NCTJ exam due to low candidate take-up.

2022-06-24; 100wpm
2022-06-24; 60wpm
2022-07-08; 100wpm
2022-07-08; 60wpm