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Fashion Design Resources

Fashion Design Resources


Fashion Design students can use this page to purchase course materials.

These items may only be purchased by Fashion Design students.

Item Size Price (£)
Bondaweb 90cm wide (price per metre) 3.00
Calico 150cm wide (price per metre) 2.60
Draw Cord Price per metre 0.20
Draw Cord (5m) 5 metres 1.00
Elastic Price per metre 0.20
Elastic (5m) 5 Metres 1.00
Fabric: STAFF APPROVAL REQUIRED Price per metre 1.00
Flat Webbing Price per metre 0.20
Flat Webbing (5m) 5 metres 1.00
Fusible Canvas (Grey) 90cm wide (price per metre)  3.75
Interfacing (Black) 90cm wide (price per metre) 1.30
Interfacing (White) 90cm wide (price per metre)  1.30
Knitted Fusible [KF] Interfacing (White) 150cm wide (price per metre) 3.00
Pins (General) 200 approx. 0.50
Pins (2 Pack) 2 X 200 approx. 1.00
Polythene Garment Bag Single 0.30
[Polythene] Garment Bag (4 Pack) Pack of 4 1.20
Quick Unpicker Small 0.30
Quick Unpicker (4 Pack) Small (x4) 1.20
Spool Case Set (for industrial sewing machine) N/A 5.00
Zip (Long) Long 1.00
Zip (Short) Short 0.50
Zip (Short - 2 Pack) Short (x2) 1.00

***Please check the stock level of zips with a member of staff before purchasing***

IMPORTANT: The minimum payment per order is £1.00. Any of the items that are under £1 must be purchased as part of a larger order, or purchased using the multiple options, e.g. Polythene Garment Bag (4 Pack) at £1.20.

To purchase an item, click the adjacent radial button below to display the price, use the counter to increase the quantity if you require more than one and then click Add to Basket.  You will be asked to confirm your (the student's) name during checkout.

For enquiries please contact Paul Marsden on 0161 295 7057, or email [email protected].

Draw Cord
Draw Cord (5m)
Elastic (5m)
Flat Webbing
Flat Webbing (5m)
Fusible Canvas(Grey)
Interfacing (Black)
Interfacing (White)
KF Interfac. (White)
Pins (General)
Pins (2 Pack)
Poly. Garment Bag
Garment Bag (4 Pack)
Quick Unpicker
Quick Unpicker (4Pk)
Spool Case Set
Zip (Long)
Zip (Short)
Zip (Short - 2 Pack)